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Earthing Accessories

Earthing Accessories


Offering a wide range of earthing accessories which include Rod to Cable Lug Clamp, Rod to Tape Clamp, U Bolt - Rod Clamp, U Bolt - Rod to Cable Clamp and many more. Our earthing accessories are properly designed & installed to safeguard both lives & the equipment. Corrosion resistance, conductivity and mechanical strength are essential considerations in manufacturing our earthing accessories.

Rod to Cable Lug Clamp - C type

Size Rod Type Cat. Code
3/8" / 9.5mm Copper Bonded ASDC-1
5/8"/ 16mm Solid Copper ASDC-2
5/8"/16mm Copper Bonded ASDC-3
3/4" / 20mm Solid Copper ASDC-4
3/4" / 20mm Copper Bonded ASDC-5

Rod to Tape Clamp - 'C Type

Size Max. Conductor Size Cat. Code
3/8" /9.5mm 35mm2 ASCC-1
5/8"/16mm 50mm2 ASCC-2
5/8"/16mm 70mm2 ASCC-3
3/4"/20mm 95mm2 ASCC-4

Rod to Tape Clamp - 'B' Type

Size Max. Conductor Size Cat. Code
5/8" 26x12 ASBC-1
5/8" 40x12 ASBC-2
5/8" 51x12 ASBC-3

U Bolt - Rod Clamp

These are made from Copper with Gunmetal Plate. They can be supplied for all rods from 5/8" to 1" and Copper Tape

Nominal Rod Diameter(size) Hole Centers (mm) Cat Code
5/8" 37 ASU-1
3/4" 37 ASU-2
1" 37 ASBC-3

U Bolt - Rod to Cable Clamp

These are used for Connecting Rod to Cable. Available with different Rod and Cable Sizes

Nominal Rod Diameter Conductor Range (mm2) Cat. Code
5/8"/ 16mm 16-95 ASURC- 1
3/4" / 20mm 16-70 ASURC-2
1" / 16mm 70-185 ASURC- 3
5/8" / 20mm 70-150 ASURC - 4

Earthing Components & Accessories

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a pioneer of Brass Electrical Accessories, Inserts, Nuts, Bolts, Anchors, Fasteners, Electrical, Cable Glands, Turned Parts, Pressed Parts, Washers, Stainless Steel Fittings, Copper Products, Metal Casting, Electronic Connector and all type of precision Brass turned or punched components as per customers specifications and drawings

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